Solutions for Narrow Awkward spaces

Most freestanding homes have some sort of narrow area or service area that needs a bit of love. Getting the balance right here can be tricky as you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it if the area cannot be seen at all. However, with the right design and a little hard yakka you can really transform these spaces into value adding aspects of your home.

First you need to decide how much work you are willing to put into the space. If you can’t see the area at all from the interior of the house, consider a low maintenance, highly functional solution like poured concrete or tiling. This won’t need any upkeep really and won’t grow weeds as long as you keep the area free of leaves and soil.

If you can access the space from the house however, a little more thought can really give superb results. Consider laying pebbles or feature stone pavers with small clumping plants dispersed in between to break up the hard edges of the stone.

If you can, think about really making the area a feature by including a set of doors opening out onto the space. Look for bifold or sliding doors that can be fully opened up to make the transition from inside to out uninhibited and seamless. When choosing doors, be sure to use good quality door hardware – some of the best is made by Brio, who make a huge variety of cutting edge door hardware for use on bifold doors. Their hardware uses top grade metals to guard against corrosion in coastal environments and heavy duty bearings for years of smooth operation.

If you would like to create a little more privacy in your skinny space, consider a row of plants along the fence line to create green wall. Some popular options include clumping bamboo, dwarf lilly pilly or any of the box species. If the budget allows, install some outdoor up lights to highlight the foliage when the sun goes down and give definite wow factor that narrow space.

So there you have it, don’t be scared of a narrow space, be bold and brave and you will be surprised at the stunning transformation!