Indoor Outdoor Living – Top tips from the experts

When you are at the seaside you need to be aware of the weather – it changes from hot to cold, stormy to sunny – in a flash. You can be a part of all the weather changes and feel the elements by having an ‘outdoor room’. This room can be a patio, a balcony or verandah which is furnished comfortably and stylishly. The real secret of the versatility of this room, though, is how it connects to the house.

Brio has multiple designs and styles of exterior folding systems for you to use when creating that special indoor/outdoor space. Architecturally-inspired, Brio’s systems give you a unique experience by enabling you to open up large spaces so that people traffic and fresh air and sunshine can flow. Brio’s impressive concepts offer ease of handling when opening and closing the doors. Luxurious and beautiful, the freedom of inspired external living arrangements is yours.

You can feel as though you are outdoors when in fact you are undercover – experience the wildness of a stormy evening while having the comfort of being sheltered from the elements.

Brio’s terrific pleated insect screen has been designed to be used with folding doors or sliding doors. Keep unwanted insects away while still having the delight of fresh air. The superior look and feel of exterior sliding door hardware and folding door hardware designed by Brio means that you do not compromise on quality. Brio has doors which are easy to open and close and which are stylish as well.

With the added extras of a BBQ or a pizza oven and sink, your outdoor room can become a place of versatile entertaining for family and friends. Especially in cooler climates you may wish to add a fireplace for comfort and warmth so that even in cold weather you can sit outside and enjoy the seascape or the view.

Brio’s designs will capture your imagination and the heart of your family as they enable you to draw on the knowledge and experience of the company to expand your living areas at home or at your beach house.